Meet Professor Dave

Dave is great at what he does! No one knows foreign policy like him. In the past 30 years, he has taught at 3 universities and worked on over a dozen government panels.

During his career, he has lived a modest lifestyle and diligently contributed to his retirement plans, which now total $1.7M. He is a little embarrassed to admit that he is not sure how his investments really work or if it will be enough.

Another professor in his department told Dave and his wife Debbie that they should come see us. The introduction helped them feel more comfortable setting up an initial meeting.

Meet Bill

Bill has been working in the same industry for his entire career. He now fills an executive level position with his company, and he is beginning to think about retirement. Over the years Bill has contributed to 401k plans at each job and as an executive, he now has a deferred compensation plan, company stock options, and a small pension.

He has been so focused on his career and meeting the needs of his direct reports that his own personal financial plan has been a bit neglected. As he begins to think about retirement he is not sure how all his financial accounts will work in retirement and just as important how they will be taxed.

Bill was introduced to us by another executive as his company. While Bill is not yet ready to retire, through our process, he now knows that he can retire and how to best prepare for that day.

Who is a typical client of our firm? Most married couples or widows from 55-65 years old with $1M or more of investable assets. Many are professors or business executives. What they have in common is a laser focus on theirunique area of expertise with little time for anything else.
They value a close relationship with their advisor. They value expertise and experience along with a human touch. They want their advisor to know just as much about them as their money.